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I’m Katie, the author of this little corner of the world. I LOVE everything earth-related (except maybe spiders in my house), and am working my way to living a sustainable life. I don’t want my life, and what makes me happy, to make it so all the future generations can’t experience the same amazing world that we live in. So day-by-day I try to make choices and decisions to reduce my impact.

I live in upstate New York (the technicalities of what that means exactly can be debated, but basically I live outside of New York City). I live in a suburb of Albany, along the Mohawk river, and adore all the outdoorsy things I can do up here. I love going for hikes in the fall (the Adirondacks are SUPER close and absolutely gorgeous), bike rides along the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, walking outside as many days in the year as I can, and snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and ice skating in the winter.

In addition to loving the outdoors, I also loove food – as I’m sure anyone who has seen my Instagram account can attest to! I love to cook, love to eat, and love to share food with my loved ones. When I was younger, I suffered from migraines induced by excess sodium. For anyone that’s had a migraine, you know that when you find your ‘trigger’ you avoid it like the plague. I had liked cooking before this revelation, but after it I used cooking as a way to reduce and control the amount of sodium I consumed. As I’ve gotten older, I am finding that the whole-food movement really speaks to me. I completely am on board with the thinking that eating real food is so much better for our bodies than processed food. And, as an added benefit, real food is better for the environment too! (But I do still like my bagels and ice cream on occasion!)

Since I was in elementary school, the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has resonated with me. Resources are finite, so why shouldn’t we do these things? I haven’t always been the most sustainably minded, but after graduating college with a major in International Politics (with a focus on the politics of energy), and a minor in Biology, I knew I wanted to help make the world greener. My friends joke around with me for always having my reusable shopping bags, throwing an Earth Day party, and driving a hybrid; but I believe in leading by example. I like to show those around me that living greener and sustainably isn’t difficult or challenging. It’s delicious and healthy and makes my life better without much inconvenience at all. (OK sometimes it’s a little difficult to remember to empty my compost pail – I’m still human!)

The purpose of Everyday Earth Chick is to share how I’m living my life healthier, greener, and happier and how all my lovely readers can do the same <3. Feel free to poke around and get comfortable.

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If you’d like to reach out and ask a question, say hello, talk about your journey to living sustainably, share a tip, or pretty much anything else, feel free to drop me a line at EverydayEarthChick@gmail.com. You can also find me on twitter @365EarthChick, Instagram @everydayearthchick, and Pinterest at Everyday Earth Chick!


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